Installing Weathervanes

installweathervane1With a Coppertops Of New Hampshire Cupola: If you are mounting a weathervane with one of our cupolas you do not need any mounting hardware. Our cupolas come ready to accept a weathervane.

With an existing cupola: If you are mounting one of our weathervanes in an existing cupola it must be prepared in the following manner:

1) Drill a 3/4″ hole in the center of the cupola roof.roofmount

2) Secure a brace inside the cupola and drill a 3/4″ hole in the center of that board.

Without a Cupola: If you are installing a weathervane without a cupola you will need to use a roof mount or a side mount. Roof mounts and side mounts for all weathervanes are located at the end of each weathervane size category.
sidemountThe illustrations to the right shows the installations of a standard roof mount [above right] and a standard side mount [lower right].
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